Greg Kinne

The techniques and materials used in this artwork are a result of years of experimentation, research, and practice. The characteristic of those years was the freedom to take left turns with abandon, and take the time to pause and go deep for that elusive subtlety without any concern but the art.

A carefully selected mix of sand, gravel, and cement is hand cast into thin panels, then cured for a month. Each panel is carefully engineered. Mix, reinforcement, and form design contribute to the piece on which the art will be done. The art is done individually on each piece without templates.

I work from sketches or the inspiration of the moment. The techniques are either adapted from other art techniques or ones that I have developed. The images and textures are rendered with acids and metals applied to the surface, which react with the limestone in the concrete for a light-fast color. I finish with dyes, and a clear UV-resistant finish.

The life of the artwork requires the vision of the client. When the client sees the artwork as part of their space, the process is complete.

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