Bruce Fairman, Potter, Designer, Alchemist – Bruce Fairman’s studio is in Sacramento, California, a flourishing art colony. He graduated from Sacramento State University in Studio Art and initially trained as a production potter for ten years. He was one of the chief designers for Doris Designs, a porcelain jewelry manufacture. Bruce has studied classic vessel forms since the beginning of his career.All of Bruce Fairman’s pottery is made from porcelain or white stone wire clay. Every piece is individually created by hand on his pottery’s wheel. Each shape is designed to capture both elegance and classical oriental simplicity while ultimately displaying Bruce’s dazzling signature glazes.Bruce has shown in invitational exhibitions throughout the country. Presently his works are being shown in galleries in Hong Kong, Guam, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Sacramento, and Scottsdale. For the past several years, he has been asked to show at the Art Expo in Los Angeles and New York.Bruce has spent many years developing his exotic glazes. The glazes contain gold, platinum, or titanium. This unique glazing technique, similar to the art glass popular in the 1920’s has been perfected by only a handful of artisans in the country.Initially, each vessel is evenly glazed with a shiny base color. Next more glazes containing gold, precious metals, and organic compounds are painted on the existing exterior design.

The individual pieces are kiln-fired three times. The last firing completely burns away all the organic compounds, leaving gold, platinum or titanium which has now fused with the underlying glazes. The actual gold on Bruce’s “black-gold” pieces is approximately three microns think. It is fused into the glaze.

It is Bruce’s hope that the enduring beauty of his artistic expression encompasses both contemporary and classic art forms. Collectors will appreciate the fact that each piece is signed and dated.

Bruce Fairman Pottery


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