Wall Artworks


Kathy Cooney Paintings

Moab artist Kathy Cooney was the 2011 Community Artist in the Parks. Kathy’s watercolor paintings reveal her deep love of canyon country’s desert landscapes and the timeless heritage of the Four Corners area.Kokopelli's-Song-Print-signed

A resident of Moab since 1987, Kathy “realized that the rocks, mountains, water and trees are not separate entities, but are all connected to the same heart of the scene.”

Kathy Cooney  Gallery


Greg Kinne Panels


The techniques and materials used in this artwork are a result of years of experimentation, research, and practice. The characteristic of those years was the freedom to take left turns with abandon, and take the time to pause and go deep for that elusive subtlety without any concern but the art.

A carefully selected mix of sand, gravel, and cement is hand cast into thin panels, then cured for a month. Each panel is carefully engineered. Mix, reinforcement, and form design contribute to the piece on which the art will be done. The art is done individually on each piece without templates.

Greg Kinne  Gallery

Adrian Martinez Wood Inlays

martinez3214Adrian Martinez was born in Chimayo, New Mexico and has lived in New Mexico his whole life. Adrian and Martinez Woods resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where Adrian works from home producing his work. Adrian can be found doing arts and crafts shows all throughout the southwest United States


Adrian Martinez



Brian Johnson

johnson3201  Brian Johnson