Wind Art

windmill3780Lyman Whitaker has been a practicing sculptor for over 40 years. His Wind Sculptures are created by hand, and have earned him international renown for their aesthetic sophistication, mechanical soundness, and high level of craftsmanship.

Lyman’s sculptures have an organic and mystical theme that is in keeping with his life philosophy. As an artist, he expresses his concern for the survival of the planet through this creative medium. Disquieted about the durability of our culture’s present systems, in relation to climate changes, Lyman’s strongest wish is to have his artwork symbolize a move toward better solutions in relationship to the earth.

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By placing the sculptures in settings dependent on natural elements for movement, opportunities are provided for participants to think about their surroundings as they view the works. Lyman’s sculptures are organic and natural like vegetation, and are enjoyed best in interactive settings where they are viewed over time.

The receptivity to his sculpture has allowed Lyman to create an inspiring studio near Zion National Park, with representation at fine art galleries around the country. In addition, public and private installations exist throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.  Collectors include Raytheon Corporation, the Missouri Botanical Garden, and the State of Utah (Utah Tourist Information Center).

 AgaveAgave  Bean-PoleBean Pole  CounterpointCounterpoint  Desert-FlameDesert Flame  Desert-LilyDesert Lily

Desert-PalmDesert Palm
 Double-DancerDouble Dancer  Double-Helix-HorizontalDouble Helix Horizontal  Double-Helix-SailDouble Helix Sail  Double-Helix-VerticalDouble Helix Vertical
 Double-SpinnerDouble Spinner  EclipseEclipse  Element-AirElement Air  Element-EarthElement Earth  Element-FireElement Fire
 Element-WaterElement Water  Fluer-de-lisFleur de Lis
Guardian-AngelGuardian Angel
 LotusLotus  MeridianMeridian
 Mirinda-IIMirinda II  Mirinda-IIIMirinda III  NautilusNautilus  NebulaNebula
Oval-TwisterOval Twister



 ShamrockShamrock  Single-Helix-OvalSingle Helix Oval
 Single-Helix-StarSingle Helix Star  Star-Dancer-HorizontalStar Dancer Horizontal  Star-Dancer-VerticalStar Dancer Vertical  Star-TwisterStar Twister  StreamStream
 TulipTulip  Wave-GroupingWave Grouping  Wave-IWave I  Wind-DancerWind Dancer  WindflowerWindflower